Sample pages from  Film in a Digital Age

Sample pages from Film in a Digital Age

Here's what people are saying about Film in a Digital Age:

"My wife, Natalie,  recently bought your new ebook about film photography.  I just wanted to say that its the best book I have read about photography and I have read closer to 50 books about the topic. It's both instructional and also very inspiring. Your photos are also fantastic. Would be nice to see one of your exhibitions one day." - Andreas Öberg, Sweden

"Alex, you've been a big influence for me to switch over to film.  Your tutorials have been extremely helpful and your recent film ebook is like a bible to me.  I've read it a dozen times and learn something new every time!  Keep up the good work!" - Matt, Colorado

Film in a Digital Age

New Ebook, everything you need to know about shooting film today!

Film is still alive and going strong with new users coming into the format every day.  This brand new ebook covers topics that are aimed to educate both new and seasoned film users, from the basics of the various film types to advanced metering and filter usage.  A unique feature of this writing is that it is designed for current film usage in a world full of digital photography with a large emphasis on digitizing your film and getting the most out of your scans.  The detailed tips and examples you'll find inside come from a decade of film experience and relate specifically to film and equipment that you can still get your hands on in 2017.

The ebook contains 180 pages in pdf format that are packed with information and inspirational images to help you both in the field and after the shot, including many tips to save you money along the way that come from a decade of experience.  While my expertise lies in the world of landscape photography, any film user should find the info to be quite helpful and practical in today's world.

You can download a small free 10-page sample of the ebook by clicking here.

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Sample pages from Photographing the Plains

Photographing the Plains: 10 tips to help you create stunning images close to home

1/30/2016 – 2nd Edition Released!

Anyone who has followed my work for a while knows that I love the plains and photographing them.  They hold a very special place in my heart and also create some really unique opportunities when it comes to photography.  Plains and prairie cover a huge part of this planet but are often overlooked by photographers, so I’ve decided to share my love of the plains with you!

This totally redesigned 56 page ebook is packed with concepts that will not only help with photography on the plains, but is also aimed to help all photographers feel confident that they can create fantastic images out of their local landscape without traveling to exotic destinations.  It’s broken down into ten easy tips that can be applied to all landscape photography, covering topics from composition, finding subjects, and trip planning so you can find yourself in the right place at the right time.  To top it off, every page is filled with my favorite images to inspire you along the way.  I promise this ebook will be well worth the read!

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