About Alex Burke

The emotional connection we all have with nature is powerful.  Nature can be intense and unforgiving as well as calming and peaceful.  I seek out remote locations where these true feelings of the natural world can emerge, using photography as a means to capture these emotions and bring them back for all to see.

The wilderness areas and grand mountain ranges of Colorado are a place where anyone can fall in love with the outdoors.  I venture deep into the wilderness so I can witness the most vibrant sunrises and sunsets from the best possible location.  It is my goal to bring the entire experience of the journey and the majestic scenery to life in my photographs.

Living in Greeley, Colorado has given me great access to Colorado’s magnificent mountains and been a gateway to the west, but it has also given me the opportunity to experience one of Colorado’s less-photographed locations: the eastern plains.  The wide-open views, gently rolling hills and endless green fields create a special sensation that can’t be matched.  Unlike the wilderness, where I tend to show a natural landscape untouched by humans, photographing the plains gives me the chance to embrace the human alterations to the land and focus on the patterns, shapes and structure added by mankind.  Nature still plays a strong role in these images as all of these elements are placed under the powerful skies of the Great Plains.

The way I see the world is best conveyed through the lens of a large format film camera.  The extreme clarity of this traditional medium allows me to capture every minute detail in the scene just the way it was.  The rich colors and tones of film allow me to express my vision powerfully, while the technical movements of a large format camera allow for incredible focus and perspective control unlike any other format.  Using the mountains and the plains as my classroom, I have taught myself everything I know about photography.  I also process and print all of my black and white photographs traditionally in a darkroom.

Through this medium I invite you to join me on my journeys and see the natural world through my eyes.


-Alex Burke

September 2012